School Rules





School Closures 2018/19

Emergency closures due to adverse weather may alter the February and Easter Breaks. Decisions about emergency closures will be communicated via the local radio station (KCLR96FM) and/or via text message when possible.






Mon. 29/10

Mon. 5/11

Christmas (12:30 closure on 21/12)

Mon. 24/12

Wed. 7/1/19

February Mid-term

Thurs. 21/2

Mon. 25/2

St. Patrick’s Day

Mon. 18/3

Tues. 19/3

Easter (12:30 closure on 12/4)

Mon. 18/4

Mon. 29/4

May Bank Holiday

Mon. 6/5 Tues. 7/5

Summer  Mid-Term

Mon. 27/5

Tues 4/6

Summer Holidays

(12:30 closure)

School closes at 12:30 on Fri. 28/6

School closes at 12.20 for Junior and Senior Infants


School Rules

The Pupils are expected:

  1. To be well-mannered and courteous at all times with teachers, staff-members, visitors, helpers and each other
  2. To attend school regularly and punctually
  3. To wear the school uniform on all school days except when otherwise instructed
  4. To respect the school environment, the property of others and their own property
  5. To be attentive in class and to complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability
  6. To behave in an orderly, safe fashion when lining-up, exiting and entering the school and classrooms or engaged in any school related activities
  7. To furnish a note from parent/guardian explaining absences or seeking permission to leave school early
  8. To abide by the policies and procedures that are in place to ensure the smooth and safe running of the school


The plan for promoting good behaviour:

a)       A quiet word or gesture to show approval

b)       A comment in a pupil’s copy or homework journal

c)       A visit to another member of Staff or to the Principal for commendation

d)       A word of praise in front of a group or class

e)       Delegating some special responsibility or privilege

f)        A mention to parent: written or verbal

g)       Special mention in class or at assembly.


How the school responds to unacceptable behaviour:

a)       Reasoning with the pupil

b)       Reprimand (including advice on how to behave)

c)       Temporary separation from peers, friends or others

d)       Carrying out a useful task in the school

e)       Loss of privileges

f)        Detention during a break

g)       Prescribing additional work

h)       Referral to Principal Teacher

i)         Communication with parents

j)        Suspension

k)       Formal report to the Board of Management